My relaxing bath

Sans titre 5Hey guys! I hope you are well! Today I’m going to share with you my kind of « bath routine ». I don’t have the chance to have a bath in m room back in London, so I’ve enjoyed one during my week in France. I like to take warm bath for around 30 min, then I become just too hot in there. I like to put essential oils, or bubble bath to create a relax atmosphere ! I also add few candles, so that I don’t have to put the big light, and it is also more peaceful in a way. I just love the shadows it is creating, and to be honest I almost fell asleep because I was so stress-free in there ! A pure heaven.

Sans titre 8Here is a view of my bath. As you can see it is quiet big, and I just wish I could use it more often! I’ve put my pyjamas and towel ready, and you can see here that the lights are very low, just to make everything more peaceful and cosy.

bain 007This last evening, I chose to use a shower gel from the brand Ushuaia, which I adore because of the exotic smell. Plus, it is pink, which add a touch a femininity in the bathroom! I’ve also picked up one of my favourite body scrub from Soap & Glory, which I like to use to have a super soft skin. The smell is strong but yet enjoyable, and it works really well to make the skin look better. After that, you will feel super cosy and clean !

bain 009In the bath itself, I’ve chosen to put a little cube from Sephora, called  » Monoi ». The scent of this small thing is divine and I can assure you it smelt all over the flat! It leaves a sort of milky texture to the bath which is super enjoyable, and add a moisturise to the skin. When I get out of my relaxing heaven, I put on some body lotion. This one is from Victoria’s Secret, in the fragrance « Sheer Love ». It is floral and girly, I love it ! And how beautiful is the packaging ??

Sans titre 3Also, don’t forget to take a book, I’ve chosen one from Lauren Conrad called « Sweet Little Lies », as you can guess it isn’t something intelligent but it is enjoyable to read in the bath!

I hope you guys enjoyed this article which was a bit different! I’ll speak to you all soon, take care ! Liz.


Une réponse à “My relaxing bath

  1. Hey Elisabeth! Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne youtube anglaise et j’ai cru voir que tu habitais dans la résidence liberty living à Londres ce qui est amusant car moi aussi!! Bisous et peut être à bientôt 🙂

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