MAC Lipstick in Plumful review # Beauty Article 10

Sans titre 4Hello people ! How are you all? Having a great Friday night ? This week at Uni has been exhausting, I’ve been stressed out a lot so tonight I’m only going to relax and have a « cocooning » time.

I thought I would share with you a lipstick I’ve been really liking lately, which is from MAC in the shade « Plumful ». It is my sis’ lipstick, but shush, I stole it from her 😉 (Hey Vic!)

The thing I love about this product is that it is so wearable for every day. It is a plum colour, which is great for the autumn/winter seasons, but I think it will look super pretty even in the spring and summer! Why? Because in my opinion the shade of it is close to the natural shade of people’s lips, only a tiny bit darker, so it will look good all year long!

It is pigmented but a bit sheer at the same time, creating a buildable colour, very easy to apply and to play with. As I said, you can wear a coat of it if you are having a casual day at Uni, or put two or three coats if you want it to show off more.

Either way, the color is beautiful. It raises the face and add a cute pink touch to the look.

I think it can suits a lot of different skin types too. From fair to darker skin, it is the kind of lipstick which goes to everyone!

Now, what about the texture? It is from the « Lustre » range of MAC, and it is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t dry the lips at all and slides perfectly when being apply.

It doesn’t stay super long on the lips but that is okay, a retouch during the day is always possible!

I know leave you with some pictures of me wearing it ..




Sans titre 2


Sans titre 5

plumful_lipstickAnd here is the product, I took the picture from Estée Blog as I couln’t take a good shot of it. Click here to read her post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed, and I’ll talk to you all soon ! Love, Liz x


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