Barry M Gelly Nail paint Review # Beauty Article 7

Sans titre 1Hey guys ! How are you? Today I’m going to talk about one of the new nail polish range from Barry M, a famous UK brand. Recently, they have launched their « Gelly Hi-Shine » polishes, with different shades, from a bright pink to a light purple.

I was really interested in those products, as they are suppose to provide an extra glossy finish to the nail, and sort of copy the result of fake gel nails that you can have in salons, but obviously for a cheapest price.

I personally chose to try a winter colour, call « Watermelon ». It is a deep green shade, which I found goes well with a lot of outfit and doesn’t clash with anything really (save chose it was!)

Sans titre 3So, is it really different from your regular nail polish? Well, to be honest, not really.. I already like Barry M nail polishes, for me they are good quality products for their normal price (2,99£) and this one has sort of the same effects, so I was a bit disappointed to pay more (5£) for the same results.
BUT it is still a superb colour and as it wasn’t in the normal range, I would probably have bought it anyways. The staying power is perfect and the nail polish still looks shinny, but not extra shinny.



Sans titre 4So to conclude, in my opinion, this range is sort of the same as the regular one. Maybe it would look better with other shades, I have no idea ! But this doesn’t mean I regret having bought it, it is still really pretty and a good basic color for the winter !

Have you tried Barry M polishes already ? What do you think about them? Let me know!

barry M review 004


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