How I met Ruth from A Model Recommends

Sans titre 1Hey everyone ! I hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Today I wanted to share with you my meeting with Ruth from A Model Recommends. If you don’t know who this lovely person is, I will link her blog and YouTube at the end of the article.

As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of the British YouTube/Blog world. I’m watching a lot of their videos and read their articles on a daily basis.

I’ve been reading and watching posts and videos from Ruth since maybe one year or more, and I can say she is a real inspiration. I don’t want this article to sound to cheesy, but she really is great.

Yesterday or two days ago, she posted on Twitter that she was going to be at Maison Triumph in Covent Garden for a little meet-up and that people could come along say hello.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to meet someone from the YouTube world, so I was super excited.

ruth and meRuth is exactly the same as she is in her videos: natural, nice, chatty and with her feet on the ground. She isn’t acting like a celeb’ at all, even though she has a great career in modeling and on the Internet. She is just friendly and is interested in what you have to say.

When I arrived there, I have to say I was a bit nervous because it isn’t in my habits to go and talk to people I don’t know. But I just thought it was a cool opportunity, so I just went and it was so nice.

Ruth welcomed me and some few other readers with a yummy orange juice and croissants. Then we just sat and talked about the Fashion Week, what she was doing for Maison Triumph, YouTube, University .. It was so pleasant and I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to talk to her like that !

Then I had my photo taken with her in front of the little studio the Triumph staff had set up for the occasion. It was really cool, and the drawings are amazing, I need one for my room! You can see above the picture taken by the photograph, and the really first picture was taken for me on my camera ! I love them, Ruth is beautiful on them. (Can I have your hair secret Ruth if you are reading this??)


ruth 006Then she had to talk with some other people from the staff, has she was going to interview people later on the afternoon. Good luck with that ! I realised how busy she must be, with all the shows to cover, even though it sounds like a dream, I can now imagine how tiring it must be some time. But thankfully, she has Diet Coke to keep her going ..


ruth 005Now that I wrote everything about my admiration for Ruth, let me tell you a bit more about Triumph, as it was the location of the meet-up. Ruth is covering the London Fashion Week for them, in Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. (Lucky!)

The brand has been creating fine lingerie for women since 1886, and they are having their big moment for this 2013 London Fashion Week! Indeed, they are the official catwalk lingerie supplier and they’ve created this pop-up store in Covent Garden to expose their creations and little shopping area.

You can visit this charming place at the following adress: 71, Monmouth Street, WC2. The main event is the exhibition, including archives, prototypes, and spieces from Helena Christensen’s new collection. The cutest element of this ? Maude, David Longshaw’ mouse muse!


ruth 003I now let you with some photos of the exhibition and of the location of the event. Hope you’ve enjoyed !

Thanks again to Ruth for her kindness, I wish her the best for her career !

I’ll speak to you all soon, love, Liz x

Check Ruth work:





ruth 011

ruth 010

ruth 009

ruth 008

ruth 007


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