Who’ve never been heart-broken ?

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Hey, I hope you are having a nice end to your weekend. For me, today was a bit depressing. Well, most of the time I found Sundays to be depressing, as Mondays are coming blablabla.

But just this weekend, I couldn’t help but have nostalgic thoughts popping in my head. I’m sure this is happening to every single one person reading this .. Yes, that’s life. I’m just thinking of someone in particular, how I still miss this person after just one year .. But I’m sure my little heart will be happy again soon!

I just don’t want to annoy you by saying my life is sad, I’m fat, no one likes me .. Because it isn’t true, I’m not doing a depression, I have people loving me and I’m not that fat (loool)

But just I’m feeling verrrry nostalgic at the moment, and I feel like I’m falling in this routine with nothing exciting happening. This is very unfortunate as I’m currently living in one of the most vibrant city in the world, I know I shouldn’t be complaining .. But I am.

Now, this is a new week, I’ll do my best to be more positive. My best friend is coming this Thursday (hiiii), I’m waiting for my new bag to be deliver (hopefully tomorrow !) so life isn’t that bad.

I just don’t like Sundays evening.

I’m going back to my 35 pages of History of Journalism, how depressing ? Alright, I will stop haha !

Don’t do like me, smile and enjoy life hehehe , we only live once ! (I’ve just cheered up myself, I’m so proud)

Speak to you all soon  ! Love, Liz


2 réponses à “Who’ve never been heart-broken ?

  1. Moi le dimanche soir, quand je me sens seule, que j’ai des moments de déprime comme toi (pauvre dimanche, jour de merde), je ressors toutes les chansons les plus déprimantes que j’écoutais avant, et ça me fait du bien. Même si forcement ça n’aide pas à arrêter de déprimer, ça te rappelle que tu n’es pas seule à te sentir mal, à avoir besoin de quelqu’un,etc 😉
    (« need you now » en ce moment dans mes oreilles, elle elle est toooooop quand on se sent seul ^^)
    Love ya ♥

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