25 facts about me

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great start of the week-end ! Today I thought I would do a more personal blog post, in which I tell you 25 facts about me. Be aware, they are very random, but just saying a bit more about my personality, things I like, things I don’t like blablabla .. I was inspired to do it after the blogger Zoella posted her own version of the tag on her blog here. Let’s get started !


– I have a twin sister. Maybe you know it already, but yes, I have a twiny, called Victoria.

-Both my sister and I have Queen names, as mine is Elisabeth. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but it is still pretty cool !

-I am still sleeping with my teddy bear since I am like four years old or something. It is still the same one and still love him.

-I love travelling. If I could go somewhere now, it would be Edinburgh or Thailand.

-I adore watching TV shows, my fav’ are Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Gossip Girl, The Lying Game.

-I’m really picky about boys, maybe a bit too much to be honest .. Oups.


-I have never knew my Grand-Dad from my father side, as he died the same year my sis’ and I were born. I really wish I could meet him when we will  both be on the other side ..

-I have Scottish origins but I have never been to Scotland, but my plan is to go this year !

-I have been living in London since nearly two years now, last year as an aupair, this year as a student.

-I am a beauty/fashion addict since few years and I could spend ages on blogs or YouTube channels.

-At some point I wanted to be : a vet, an archeologist, a make-up artist, and now a journalist.

-I have been twice to America but if feels like I’ve never been for some reasons.


-I can be really paranoid and check a hundred times on things, like if I have my phone, if the hob is well switched off ..

-I am a shy person and at some point of my childhood it was really hard for me to talk in class etc, I have no idea why and where this come from. I’m still shy today, but less haha.

-I have seen Woody Allen in real while he was filming in Roma.

-I am a fan of the English band McFly, and in particular of Tom Fletcher. He is like my ideal.

-I have a really bad addiction to Nutella, but who hasn’t ???

-I always fall asleep in cars. Like ten minutes and I will be asleep ! Always.


-I have been a lot to Italy and it is a country which I find beautiful, and I hope I will go there a lot in the future too.

-I really like photography. I have a Nikon D3100 and I hope I will improve in the future.

-I know my best friend since 9 years now, and I’m proud of our friendship.

– I had been writing blogs since the age of 13, more like a diary, and I’m still doing blogging now hehe.

-One of my favorite things is a relax and cozy night in front of the TV with my sis’ and parents. I really miss that.

-I have a bad shopping addiction, I just love shopping ! Help me!


-I’ve never had a proper job, but I will get one this summer !

So I hope this post was enjoyable to read, and that maybe you know a bit more about me !

I will speak to you all soon,

Love, Liz x


Une réponse à “25 facts about me

  1. Tu sais quoi ? j’ai eu un ptit bug dans ma tête et j’ai dis à Mathieu : « tu savais qu’Elise avais vu Hitchcock en vrai quand elle était a Rome ? » avant de faire *tilt*. Oui, c’est bien un mec archi connu, mais vu que tu l’as vu, il était vivant, ce qui n’est pas trop le cas d’Hitchcock… Aha.

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