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Hello everyone! Today I’m being brave and telling everyone I’m on YouTube. It has been a while now, I’ve kind of hidden it because I wasn’t sure of what people would think. But then I remembered one of my New Year resolutions, which is not to care too much of what people think and just do what I like ! So here we go.

I’m on YouTube since a couple of year now. I’ve been following French YouTubeurs first, then from America and England. I was really enjoying watching those videos, mainly about fashion, beauty, life-style but also sketches videos. And then one day I thought « why not me? »

I have nothing of a big YouTube celebrity, but I just like doing it. Weird, because in « real life » I’m reserved and can be shy, so why should I expose myself to the whole internet ? Well, I just find it easy to speak in front of a camera, because no one is around, no one is judging me and I can just speak about stuff I like and share it.

At the very beginning, I was filming with my webcam, which wasn’t great because the quality was sh** and it wasn’t really enjoyable to watch. But I was doing it anyway, because it was fun.

Then I started to have a couple of hundred subscribers, and I thought it would be better to have a new camera. I’m now filming in HD which of course is sooo much better !

YouTube is in my opinion an amazing platform to share stuff that you like, to chat with people and just to have fun really.

If you want to start you have to be passionate about what you show people, and not force yourself, because people will see it directly.

Don’t do it just to have 100,000 subscribers and receive free stuff. I can tell you it is a long journey. I still don’t have a 1000 subscribers on my French channel, I still don’t receive free goodies, I’m still not invited to beauty events, but I keep going, because I believe hard work will pay one day. Be patient! If you start, don’t expect to have 100 subscribers in a day, it just won’t happen. It will come with time, just don’t give up!

Also, I’m not saying at all I’m a professional. I talk about beauty, make-up, fashion, I do hauls and reviews, talk about Uni life. I’m just saying my opinions, no one have to agree !

Bear in mind YouTube can be a cruel world. One of my video hits more than 5,000 views, and had a lot of bad comments. You just have to accept it, it won’t always be people telling you how nice you are !

What else .. If you want to do YouTube, really try to have a nice camera, a good setting and good light. Please try to film in front or close to a window to have natural light coming, it will look way nicer ! Try to have a plain and pretty background ( now I know this one is not always easy! )

I am really nervous to put it on my blog and tell everyone I’m on YouTube, so I hope you will like it, if not please tell me what I should work on ! Also I just started my English channel few days ago, apology for my oh so terrible French accent !

If you have a channel let me know, I’d love to see it !

YT english

Go check my English channe HERE

YT french


Go check my French channel HERE

Hope you’ll like it *fingers crossed*

I’ll talk to you all soon ! Love, Liz x


2 réponses à “My YouTube story

    • I love your YouTube channel and I think that you are so brave for doing this I have always wanted to do one but never had the courage, maybe I will wait till I get a few more followers/ viewers on my blog before I make one. WELL DONE 😀

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