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Hello people!

Today I thought I was going to talk about my favourite bloggers … mainly girls! I am myself blogging since several years now, but I’ve never been happy with my blogs. Never good looking, never good pictures blablabla … So I try to get inspiration from other people. I’ve been following them since few years too, and I’m addicted. I wish I could have good looking blogs like them, but I think they’ve turned their blogs into jobs, which isn’t my case. I feel like this is something I could enjoy quiet a lot, but for the moment combine my studies and big blogging isn’t possible … Also I don’t have studio lights so I’m not able to take perfect pictures, so for the moment I’m just doing my best and maybe it will grow later on. Who knows?

zoe blog


So my first favorite blogger is.. Zoella. Or Zoe. In my opinion, she is one of the prettiest girls on Earth. She is sooo beautiful and I just want her hair. Apart from being stunning, she is adorable. I love the way she is, I can feel she has a lovely personality via her articles or via her YouTube channel. She is really bubbly, has a cute voice, talk about things I love, from beauty to fashion, or life-style. She is just a pleasure to read, her blog itself is super stylish and so is she. She completely deserves her success and I hope she will keep doing her blog for a long time!

Go visit her website here:



Another one of my favorite is Estée from Essie Button. Another funny girl. She is from Canada and I looove her accent. She is really fun and I would love to meet her one day. She is always giving an honest opinion on products and doesn’t hesitate to say they are rubbish! She is also gorgeous and I love to see her vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Go check her out here:


I can also spend ages on Anna’s blog, the famous Vivianadoesmakeup. She has a really professional vibe and I adore her style. Her blog has an amazing design and she is drop dead beautiful. I can assure you you’ll enjoy this blog, fresh and girly!

Read it here:


You also have to visit Sammi’s blog, our so called « Beauty-crush ». How pretty is she? (Alright, I just follow pretty girls’ oups!) I love her style it is really edgy and different. I love to follow her via vlogs with her BF Ricky. She always post great things and is a daily inspiration for me.

Follow her here:


Une réponse à “My Fav’ bloggers

  1. Zoe elle m’énèrve, je veux ses cheveux (et ses yeux) ! Elle ferait mieux de rester loin de moi parce que si un jour je la croise, je la scalpe. 😉

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