2012: Bilan

2012. I think I can definitely call this year a fantastic one. Even though I’m not happy with every single day of it, it was a brilliant one.


Back in January. I was still an aupair in an awful family in London. I was starting to look for a flat share because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it another month. This people were … just not possible to support. Then I had this nightmare night when I was fired like a shit from this family, and had to take a cab with all my stuff in an hour time. 11pm, I was out, drive to my aunt house in Twickenham. Thanks God she was there.. I’ve spend a week there the time to find a place to live in London.

Middle of January, I was in my new flat share in Marble Arch. Oh yes I know it sounds super posh, Marble Arch, Oxford Street. BUT let me tell you it wasn’t the dream experience. I was in Edgware Road, and it wasn’t my thing at all. Weird people everywhere and my flat wasn’t the luxury you can imagine it was. Oooh no. Dirty. That is the word. Even had a mouse in the kitchen, so I’m not lying. I stayed there until the end of May, but I would have leaved this place if I had been able to.

city girls


New amazing friends from City 

During this time, I took another course in the English school British Study Center, to have something to do. I’ve passed my IELTS already, so I choose to pass a business exam, just to add it to my CV. I met other cool people there, as last year. If you are reading this and you are thinking about taking English class in London, go to this school, it is great. I never had any problem except one, but just few people know.

Then, after these 3 weeks… I had nothing to do. I’ve tried to find a job but wasn’t motivated enough I think. So I’ve just enjoyed my life in London, party with my aupair friends, visit things .. I also went a lot to Oxford as my twin was aupair there.

I have to say it was an easy life, I didn’t had a lot to do from February until May. The HUGE news during this time was my letter from City University. Unconditional offer. I couldn’t believe it, like that is it, girl you are going to study Journalism in London. My dream was coming true. Well the first shock was when I’ve received the result of my IELTS exam and that I had the mark to first be able to apply for City. I was soooo happy.



My sis’ and I in Sicily

Then in May I went back home with my sis’, back to France. First I went to spend few days in Paris, Belgium, and Paris again. Then I went back to Nice to start a long summer holiday. This was great too. I’ve enjoyed the fact of being home again. With some of my Parisian friends, we’ve organized a week holiday in Cap d’Adge, a lovely place in the south of France. But first, I went to Sicily with my parents, grand-dad and sis’. It was an amazing experience; I’ve really enjoyed this place. You should all go there one day!!! So then I had this week with my friends which were great. I had to see my best friend again, as I can’t see her as often as we used to see each others in middle-school !! I realized how precious this friendship is to me, and I’ll try to keep it for long.

Then after all that was finished, I’ve started to be stressed again. Uni was coming soon. Not only Uni, but a new life. I was still hesitating, like was it really for me, will I be alright alone there ????

cap d agde vic 010


My best friend and I in Cap d’Agde 

But then, how could I miss this opportunity?? HOW? So on the 17th September, I took the plane with my Dad and landed safe and sound in lovely London, for some new adventures.

First, it was difficult. I had to speak English again, live on my own in a small room, make new friends, get use to University. It was a huuuuuge change for me. Everything in English, I was scared I won’t understand anyone and that no one will understand me. I’m not someone super good at socializing, but then I found it easy for once to meet people, as there are a lot of international students so we have things in common.

Since then, so much have changed. I feel more and more British. I’ve met some super cool people. I’ve done things I never thought I would be able to do, like the Question Time program, do/write an interview, do all sorts of things by myself … Well, I think I can be proud for once.

ally 021


In front of City main entrance

I also realized during this year who are my friends and who aren’t. And the result was surprising. I try to keep in touch with as many people as I can, but then I don’t want to run after anyone anymore, I’m tired of that.

So I can definitely say 2012 was an interesting year. I’m not going to say any names, but you will recognize yourself if you’ve helped me in any ways, thank you!!! I’m glad I’ve met all of you, and I can’t wait to start a new exciting year. I hope this one will be different too, in some ways.

bye 2012

Then I’m the only actor of my dream. See you all in 2013 !


Une réponse à “2012: Bilan

  1. je suis un peu tordue sur la photos de nous deux :p mais fière d’être sur ton blog 😉
    j’aurais aimé te voir plus que ça en 2012 ! je ferai mon possible pour 2013 ♥

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