2013, a year of changes?

Hello internet friends!


I thought today I was going to share my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been inspired by one of my classmates post (click here to read it), so why not do mine too? I’m never doing it, and this year I’ve decided that it was time for a change, so here I am, in a big brain-storming, trying to see what I could change about myself, and my life in general.

Sooo after an hour of thinking (10 seconds), here are my plans for 2013:

1) Get in shape. Since the day I’ve landed in London to be an aupair, I’ve gained weight. Like really. I’m not saying « omg I’m sooo fat », but I just want to get healthy again, be 100% happy with my body, and gain confident at the same time. It is not only about looking good, but also a way to purify my brain and get the stress out (because YES I am always stressed about something).

2) Following point 1, eat in a healthy way. I’m not saying I won’t eat chocolate anymore (I need it for my stress), but just reduce quantities, try to avoid junk food, eat vegetables and fruits blablabla… I just wish I had my French Monoprix with me, and not Tesco.

3) Wear stuff I like more. Okay this may sound weird. But since middle-school I have this thing about clothes, I buy some I find really cool but never wear them in « public ». It can just be a skirt or some pair of heels, but if you know me, then you probably picture me in my faux-leather jeans from Zara with a cosy top, and some feminine touches with jewellery or pretty makeup. It is super rare to see me in heels or skirts/dresses. Well, hopefully, this is going to change.

4) Be more confident. I think this is one of my main focuses for this year. Stop thinking of what other people think of me, express my opinions, talk more etc. Try to be myself with people I don’t particularly know. It seems sooo easy for others, but not for me, it has nevvvvver been easy for me. So people be nice, if you notice that I’m blushing, pretend you haven’t seen anything, don’t ask me why I’m turning bright red. It will make me even more embarrassed and I will want to run and hide somewhere. Not cool.

5) Go out more. I feel like I haven’t enjoyed London social/night life as often as I used to last year. I need to go out again, dance like no one is watching and kill my feet with heels.


6) Keep in touch as much as I can with the people I love. Because since two years, I saw who was there for me and who wasn’t. I’ve met super cool people since 2011, and I need to see them more, talk to them more, well spread the love!!

7) Keep this blog update. I will try to post something each week or more, I think it is sort of important for someone studying journalism .. 😉 Also write more for Heruni.com and other websites … Perfection will come with practice!! (Hopefully)

8) Go to Scotland. Alright, my name is Macgregor and I still haven’t been there. What is wrong with me? So if you want to tag along, I plan to go there either during April or at the end of summer exams!!

9) Study hard. Ahum. I feel like I haven’t study super hard yet. Like I study but I don’t think at my maximum. I need to read more, force myself to learn things by heart, I can’t afford to fail this year.

10) Find a flat for September 2013. Possibly with nice people, possibly in a nice place.


So here are my main New Year’s resolutions.. Hopefully I’ll succeed. Hopefully. Fingers crossed people! What are your resolutions? Share them in the comments!

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3 réponses à “2013, a year of changes?

  1. Salut, juste pour te féliciter de ton blog, il est génial! J’ai 18 ans et je te trouve extrêmement courageuse. C’est vrai, tu parles de ta timidité et de ton manque de confiance en toi comme un handicap et pourtant tu es capable de partir vivre ds un autre pays, loin de ta famille et de tes amis. La moitié des jeunes de notre age ne seraient pas capables de devenir indépendant comme tu le fais! Merci de nous faire partager ton expérience, c’est vraiment très enrichissant et puis tes articles sont très diversifiés ! Bonne continuation, bisous !

    • Merci beaucoup je suis contente que ça te plaise 🙂 Oui j’ai tendance à voir la timidité comme un défaut, après c est plus vis a vis des gens que je suis comme ça, etre loin de chez moi ne me dérange pas plus que ça!
      Merci encore !!!
      Bisous ❤

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