A fresh start

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It has been a while since I wrote in this blog, and I think the reason why is simply because I’m not happy with the content and format of it.
I don’t think I am particularly good at talking about politics, economy, or anything « important ». I am better when it come to talk about myself, my life, or lighter subjetcts. BUT I don’t want to write only about one thing. I know I have started this year thinking « I’m sure I want to be a fashion/beauty journalist ». 3 months later, I am convince it won’t be my definitve choice.

My studies at City University, London, makes everything change. I discover new people, new subjects, and my brain can’t stop receiving new informations. I feel like I’m changing my mind about things so much more now.

Like recently, I had this interview to do for Uni. I went to speak with a mega cool musician, I was so damn nervous at the begining but in the end, it was such an enjoyable experience! Knowing me, I don’t think I would have been able to do such a thing only few months ago. Me, the shy, reserved and not-confident girl, having to interview someone who worked with the Rolling Stones, by myself and in English ??? NO WAY.

Now I’m trying to see what I’m doing in a different angle. People who knows me since years know how I am. I can even be afraid to go buy bread alone, it is how far my shyness was going. But know I’m thinking « come one, look at everything you have accomplished since October! You’re better than that ».

I am not the type of person who congratulate myself, but yes, Elisabeth is proud of herself. First year of studies in London, in a super cool University, and for the moment I’m doing ok.

I have met awesome people, make friends which was one of my first concern about moving here. But the fact of being an international student is helping, and I feel like we can all rely on eachothers. I’m not struggeling that much with English, for sure less than I was planning to.

When I look in the mirror, I can tell I’ve grew up since 3 months, and I think I can say for the better. I don’t have that much help from my family now, I have to do so much stuff on my own that some people of my age start to do way later…

I’m proud to say that I’m doing something different, and something which I love so far. I also realize how lucky I am, to be able to afford it.

I think no one should give up on there dreams. Just follow them, and don’t hesitate to DREAM BIG.


Une réponse à “A fresh start

  1. One of my favourite quotations is « to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them ». So yes, DREAM BIG.

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